New Yamaha SuperJet vs. SXR 1500!

Everyone has been asking me — what’s better, the new Yamaha or the SXR 1500?

I got to be a part of a rad video with Pro Watercraft where we compared the SXR 1500 and the new Yamaha fourstroke Superjet! Check it out.

Answering one of the world’s mysteries; Superjet or SXR 1500? The team at Pro Watercraft compares the two fourstroke stand up watercraft in stock form in all areas — buoys, drag racing, and take off. Get feedback from 3 different riders — a casual ripper, a racer, and a long-time industry pro. Who ride them back to back. Rather than pick which ones is “superior” we are looking to help you decide which one might be best for your next ride!

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