A list of Anna’s equipment and software experience, as well as a list of her contracted services available to the public. For samples, visit the Portfolio section of the site, or feel free to send an inquiry in the Contact section.


Corporate Media/Communication Services

1. Graphic Design
2. Video Production
3. Social Media Consulting
4. Written Communications
5. Technical Articles
6. Product Reviews
7. Company Profiles
8. News Articles
9. Web Design Consulting

10. Social Media Management

Race Team Communications

1. Graphic Design
2. Racer Bios
3. Promo Videos
3. Event Photography
5. Press Releases

6. Social Media Management

 Event/Promoter Communications

1. Promo Videos
2. Graphic Design
3. Banners
4. Posters
5. Brochures/Ads
6. News Articles
7. Social Media Advertising
8. On-Camera Talent/Hosting
9. Live Tweeting/Posting
10. Photography


1. News Articles
2. Feature Articles
3. Product Reviews
5. Event Coverage
6. Photo Coverage


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Final Cut Pro X


Studio One

Canon DSLRs

Nikon DSLRs

Black Magic Production Camera

Black Magic URSA

Sony NX5U

GOPRO Action Cameras

Garmin Action Cameras

Marantz Audio Devices

Roland Audio Devices

FIREPOD Audio Device