Anna started working with social media in 2012 after establishing her race team, Jet Girls Racing. To gain sponsors for her team, Anna used social media as a marketing tool. Since then, Anna has gone on to manage social media platforms and consult for several companies.

With her experience in social media and promotion, Anna has been contracted by several brands to oversee their social media and content creation.


  • Content creation.
  • Account growth.
  • Account management.
  • Live event coverage.
  • Social media consulting.
  • Social media plans.
  • Social media campaigns.

Anna has been the manager of social media platforms for several brands including: Jet Girls Racing, Jet Girl 777,, Hurricane Industries, TPJ Fly Racing team, Oil Depot, Jet Renu, Glory Hog and Derrick Kemnitz Jr..During her management, these brands have seen periods of immense growth, and positive audience relations.

The Jet Girls Racing/Jet Girl 777 brands alone experienced growth of over 20,000 organic followers from 2016-2017. The Hurricane Industries brand saw growth of 4,000 organic followers in a period of 6 months.The Jet Girl 777 brand sees over 300,000 impressions per week, and the accumulative Jet Girls Racing brand followers exceeds 100,000 organics.


Coupled with her experience in social media promotion, Anna’s media management connects social media promotion with your website and online presence. Anna has been the media manager for the TPJ Fly Racing team since 2016.

For TPJ Fly Racing, Anna handles all media relations, including, but not limited to: press releases, media events, social media promotion and management, photography, partnerships and sponsors. As a media manager, she connects all media to create one well-balanced brand. She handles all forms of marketing so that you can focus on what’s important — making money.