TPJ RACING: Anaheim 1

I travelled to Anaheim, CA to reunite with the TPJ Racing team for the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Championship season kick off at Angel Stadium.
The owner of TPJ Racing, Ted Parks, suffered a heart attack last year. He was the sole member of the team who attempted to hold all of the weight himself. Since his heart attack, I have stepped up and into the role of operations manager. I have been helping Ted and the team with their sponsorship programs and prepare for the 2017 season while still managing all of the media for the team.

A1 is the wildest race of the year. It is the first race where everything needs to be figured out. As operations manager I was rolling around the pits on my rad scooter, helping make sure that everything was running as smoothly as possible.

Weekends with the TPJ Racing team are always fun. We have a great group of riders and a wonderful staff that makes every weekend an adventure, regardless of results. Despite all of the work I put in this weekend (and a ton of walking and scootering), I had a blast shooting photos, reporting and running some behind the scenes social media for the team.

I am very thankful for the opportunity that Ted Parks has given me. This started as an internship for college credit, and has stemmed into a role that has introduced me into the industry in a crash course. It is a lot of work but I enjoy every second of it.

To see my recap of the weekend with TPJ Racing, read it on their website by clicking here.

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