Pro Motocross: Highpoint & Muddy Creek


I had the pleasure of traveling alongside the TPJ Fly Racing Suzuki professional motocross team to both Highpoint and Muddy Creek as a part of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championhip series.

As I continue to work with the TPJ Racing crew, I have learned more about the industry than I ever imagined, while enjoying another form of power sports racing that I love.

13522771_1659594531031140_7927148740360937695_oFollowing the team and documenting their work and adventures for their media outlets has truthfully been a blast. With a personality like Ted Parks, you never know what you may be doing or who you may meet. The entire team is a group of wonderful people, and I have truthfully been blessed to be given the opportunity to share their adventures.

At both events, I spent the day taking thousands of images, shooting video and experiencing everything you could imagine that goes on behind the scenes. From set up to tear down. I witnessed the emotions that come with race crashes, and not qualifying for main events. I also experienced the chemistry among the members of the team, and am thankful to be a part of the team myself.

All of my work for the TPJ Racing team for the past two weeks can be found on their Facebook page by clicking here.