I tried CTRL-24 supplements for two weeks!

I got the chance to try out CTRL+24 supplements for two weeks! This is what I thought.

Fun little fact about me, I’m basically a zombie. On average, it takes me about 2 hours to start functioning in the morning, and often times I’m very low energy.

With my full time career, Jet Ski racing, video game streaming and more, I constantly have to be ON. What’s being ON, you ask? To me, being ON is bringing my best self and maximum energy to everything I do, even when I’m not feeling it.

And that can be exhausting.

When I’m full throttle all the time, sometimes recovery is tough, and I don’t have the energy I need.

When CTRL-24 reached out to me to try their supplements, I was interested. I have been chasing that “magic solution”, trying supplements, drink mixes, etc. to try and keep my mojo on point. And it’s been difficult, I haven’t found it.

CTRL-24 has 3 supplements. Mind, Energy and Rejuvenate.

I started off with Rejuvenate, because it seemed the easiest to ease into. I took the recommend dosage before bed and didn’t feel anything that worried me. The major thing I noticed was my skin seemed to clear up really nicely even after one night’s worth of Rejuvenate. While my recovery isn’t my main focus, I moved on to the Mind/Energy after the Rejuvenate settled well with my body.

I was excited but also a little nervous about trying the Mind and Energy supplements. In the past, I have been searching for that bit of magic to help me stay ON all the time, and give me a little boost. I’ve tried energy drinks, supplements, vitamins, drink mixes, some helped a little, but a lot left me jittery and shaky, or the energy didn’t translate into productivity — I was just all over the place.

I started with the Energy supplement. I tried it before heading out to work. I was pleased to find that I didn’t experience any jitters or crash, and felt like it was easier for me to get my day started — rather than being in a fog the first few hours of the day trying to get kick started. After using this for several days with good results, I moved on to the Mind.

Other than low energy, I also struggle with focus. If I get my energy up, my brain is all over the place. I’m quick to jump around on projects and forget about things.

When I coupled the Mind and Energy supplement, it felt like I was able to power through work without and lag, and get a lot done.

While work energy is probably my biggest issue, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try on the jetski as well. I have been using the CTRL-24 Energy supplement just before rides to help me push a little longer.

The supplements themselves were easy to take, and unlike a lot of supplements I’ve tried, they didn’t STINK! My only note is to make sure you have a little something in your belly when you take it. I didn’t have any serious issues with this, but my sensitive stomach was a little mad I took them before work without breakfast. When I added in a banana or granola bar before/after taking, I had no issues.If you have any kind of dietary or health conditions, it’s probably best you speak with a doctor or dietician before adjusting your set up. But, CTRL-24 is pretty clear about what goes into their supplements, and their purposes.

Out of the three, I think that the CTRL-24 Energy supplement has left the best impression for me. While there was nothing glaringly wrong with the others, the Energy supplement really addressed an issue that I was dealing with. It gave me a lasting boost without jumpy jitters or an uncomfortable crash.

If you’d like to give these a try, I’ve got a discount code to help you out. Use code JETGIRL at check out on the CTRL-24 website.

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