Jet Girl in HOT WATER the movie

Be sure to keep an eye out for me in the new HOT WATER movie!

I had the absolute honor of having a moment in the recently-released Hot Water movie.

Hot Water was written, directed and filmed by jetski legend Larry Rippenkroeger.

I grew up on old VHS tapes of vintage jetski racing, and Rippenkroeger was always on the screen. Whether he was racing, doing freestyle or commentating for ESPN, I saw this guy as an icon.

After retiring from competing, Larry went on to be an extrememly succesful stunt man. Starting with one of my favorites — WaterWorld and moving on to big hits like the Die Hard series.

Larry took his love of jetskiing and stunts and spent years putting together the blue print for the world’s first-ever jetski movie.

Earlier this week, Hot Water finally hit screens around the world. The action-packed adventure comedy is centered around the trials and tribulations of one young jetski racer’s dream to become a champion.

This movie really hit home for me, a reminder of how hard I worked to get where I am, and all the fun I had along the way.

It was truly a love letter from Rippenkroeger to the industry that he loves so much. Little notes and moments from his own adventures touring and racing around the world.

Regardless of your taste in movies, if you are a jetski enthusiast or a powersports fan you need to see this film.

And keep an eye out for ME on screen!!


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